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Diamond Brite Mobile Headlight Restoration
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  We are a MOBILE service, we come to
your home or office!  We are based
out of Cumming and we service the
following communities: Alpharetta,
John's Creek, Milton, Cumming,
Roswell, East Cobb, Sandy Springs,
Buckhead, Brookhaven, Dunwoody,
Norcross, Duluth, Lake Lanier and all
other communities along the 400
corridor from Buckhead to
Dawsonville. If you are not in our
territory, don't worry! We can still
come to you for a small trip charge to
offset the extra fuel and time.
Business Hours
Open 7 days a week for your
convenience. Remember, we come to
you so you do not have to make
arrangements to have someone follow
you to drop your car off and then
have someone take you back to pick
your car up later. Call for YOUR
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Two more very satisfied Diamond Brite customers!
We come to your home or office. Call today 770-728-3181
Online Customer Reviews
Ken Laprade of Alpharetta, Ga. writes:
  The headlights on my 2001 Avalon were so bad that it seemed like only the
parking lights were on when I was driving at night. Tom came out to where I
work and restored my headlights onsite the same day I called. I couldn’t
believe the difference! He showed up when he said he would, was courteous,
and did a fantastic job.
Don’t waste your time searching online for a list of companies that do
headlight restoration, just call Tom at Diamond Brite and your headlights will
look like new!

Matt Hagan of Buckhead, Ga. writes:
  After two years of embarrassing yellow headlight oxidation buildup, I finally
decided to get my headlights restored. I called around to a few companies and
it seemed like I was being "hustled." Then I called Tom at Diamond Brite -
what a breath of fresh air!! He was super friendly and very willing to answer
some initial questions that I had. He was incredibly flexible with my schedule
and came to meet me in Buckhead to restore my headlights. After having him
work his magic, here's a few observations -
1) Tom did a fantastic job. My headlights went from murky, dull and yellow to
crystal clear. The before and after photos I took are remarkable.
2) It's very evident that Tom takes pride in his work. He just really cares about
doing a great job.
3) He's extremely knowledgeable and professional.
4) I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
5) His price is extremely competitive, especially for the care he puts in.
The world really needs more people like Tom!
-Matt Hagan, Atlanta/Buckhead, GA

Chris M. of Cumming Ga. writes:
  Tom, at this point (two or so hours after you finished restoring my
headlights) I think I've gone outside about 5 times to look at them. I still can't
believe they look so good. You are awesome!!!

  My wife and I have been talking for weeks now about the sorry condition of
my headlights. My 2005 Cadillac CTS is in mint condition otherwise, but those
headlights completely took away from the beauty of the car. Since my
birthday is coming up, she wanted to get this fixed for me. Well, the prices
she was coming back with from the dealership were insane. Factory
replacements were $450 (each!!) and knockoffs were half that. No WAY, No
HOW!! I was prepared just to live with it at those prices.

  By chance, my wife was shopping today and saw Tom and his Diamond Brite
truck at a shopping center. She immediately called me and asked that I make
contact and see what the deal was. I googled Diamond Brite, found the
number and made the call. Tom was very friendly and informative and let me
know that he could come to my home right away.
  When Tom arrived he took one look at my headlights and let me know that
mine were equal to the worst he had worked on. I wasn't shocked and my
expectations weren't high to start with. He then told me that he'd test a small
part of one lens to see if there was hope. The test was successful enough, so
he continued. I watched off and on during the process, still not expecting
anything more than a 75% improvement, which would have been fine. Tom
then slaved over just one of the headlamps for at least an hour before I saw
the final product.
(Drum roll, please..) I WAS AMAZED!! Seriously, I was amazed! The headlight
literally looked brand new!! I expected a 75% improvement and got 110%. My
headlights actually look better now than when I bought the car used 4 years
  These days you never know what to expect. Most everything is over promised
and under delivered. Tom is the exception. He is friendly, polite, honest and
an incredibly hard worker. He went above and beyond today to make me an
exceptionally satisfied customer. I feel like I have a brand new car!! Thank you
so much, Tom! You saved me hundreds of dollars!

Tessa of Roswell Ga. writes:
  My headlights on my Jeep Grand Cherokee were so badly yellowed and
oxidized that when you ran your hand over them, they felt like sandpaper.
Needless to say, I could barely see while driving at night, and on rainy nights I
refused to drive anywhere because it was imposssible to see.

  Previously, my husband had called our local Jeep dealership parts
department to get a price on replacement headlights.
What they came back with absolutely shocked us. The price for us to replace
both headlights was over $600. Not only could we not believe that it was so
expensive, we couldn't afford it either. Then, they offered to do the labor of
installing the new lights for a mere $200 more. That adds up to over $800!!!

  I received a flyer on my car from Diamond Brite Services headlight
restoration. Just out of curiosity,and highly doubtful they could even do
anything for my super dull headlights, I called them. The representative, Tom,
assured me that as long as my lenses were not cracked or broken, that they
would be able to restore them back to perfect clarity for around one tenth of
what replacements cost, guaranteed!
  At this point, my only affordable option was to try the "restoration" route
because I couldn't afford the "replacement" route and if nothing else, at least
maybe I'll be able to see a little better at night.
  Tom from Diamond Brite showed up at my job 10 minutes early (how often
does that happen?) to restore my headlights. He showed me several "before
and after" pictures of headlights he had recently restored. They looked so
incredible that I was thinking they must be "photo shopped". Then he assured
me that MY headlights would also come out looking brand new too, and if they
didn't, there would be no charge at all! Now, I am thinking that there is no
way my lights can possibly look that good, but that I will settle for them to
look at least a little "better" AND it will be free as well! Boy was I wrong!
  My headlights came out of the restoration process looking absolutely brand
new. I couldn't believe my eyes. I think back about how many dark nights I
drove home from work with my brights on, struggling to see the road while my
young kids were in the car. Now, I actually look forward to driving at night and
even in the rain at night! I cannot recommend Diamond Brite Services highly
enough! They are professional, care immensley about customer satisfaction
AND do an incredible job!
I'll tell everyone I see that has bad headlights about this wonderful company!

Brad of Crabapple Ga. writes:
  My headlights were so dull that for the past few years I have had to drive at
night with my high beams on. The sad thing is, no one even seemed to know
my brights were on because my lights were so dull. I was so sick of not being
able to see at night that I called Diamond Brite. They sent Tom out to restore
my headlights at my home. He did a fantastic job. My lights look new again
and I can finally see while driving at night! Thank you Diamond Brite! I'm going
to tell everyone I know about your service. You are 5 stars in my book!

Monique from John's Creek Ga. writes:
  I drive a 2004 Mercedes CLK 500 convertible. My car is in mint condition
except for the headlights. They have turned a milky white which has taken
away probably 75 percent of my night time visibility while driving. The fact
that my beautiful Mercedes convertible has two "black eyes" is bad enough
'cause they really take away from the beauty of my car, but the fact that I
cannot see while I am driving at night scares the daylights out of me!
  When I go out at night, my friends all know that they have to drive me
because I will not take a chance on wrecking my car because I cannot see!
I was out shopping one day and when I got back to my car to leave, I had a
flyer on my car from Diamond Brite. Before I read it, I was a little annoyed
that they had "trashed" my car with their flyer. I saw the words "Headlight
Restoration at your home or office" so it peaked my curiosity. I didn't even
know headlights could be restored. I was saving up to pay the Mercedes dealer
hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars to replace mine.
  Anyway, I went ahead and called Diamond Brite and made an appointment.
They were extremely "customer friendly" and really great about working
around my schedule, not theirs. They gave me a specific time, showed up
about ten minutes early and got to work.
  Lo and behold, about an hour and a half later, the Diamond Brite tech "Tom"
came into my office and said "your lights are ready for inspection."
  I walked outside with Tom and when I saw my "baby" I literally (I am
embarrassed to say) started to cry! Yes, I actually had tears of Joy when I saw
how unbelievably great my headlights looked! WOW, what a difference. I have
brand new looking headlights and saved well over a thousand dollars by not
having to buy new ones!

Mark A. of Sugar Hill, Ga. writes:
  My wife finally got to the point of saying she was not going to drive her '06
Volvo at night since the headlights had deteriorated so bad. Tom from
Diamond Brite, was able to come out on a Sunday afternoon and worked hard
to get the headlights looking practically brand new (no small feat). We since
have had him restore our son's car as well to equal results. Both cars look
great and are 100% safer to drive at night. Highly recommend Tom and this

Taylor Case of Buckhead, Ga. writes:
  Diamond Brite is fantastic! Even though his fingers were numb due to the
cold he did an amazing job. The only thing that was lacking on my 06 Infiniti
was the headlights that were foggy and scratched but now they look new! Way
cheaper than buying a new set for $1200 too. Thanks Tom and great job. Will
be sending more business your way.

JNJAnder of Alpharetta, Ga. writes:
  Tom came out quickly and did a great job on my headlight restoration. I
didn't have to hassle with the store bought products that may or may not
work. On time and no hassle! Headlights look perfect. Highly recommended.

Melissa Anderson of John's Creek, Ga. writes:
  I was extremely pleased with the results of my headlight restoration
performed by Diamond Brite Services. My headlights were VERY oxidized and
cloudy and unfortunately I wasted money on trying to use a DIY kit at home to
restore them (which didn't work) before I called Diamond Brite. Tom did a
fantastic job and the headlights looked brand new when he finished with
them! Highly recommend this business!

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